Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Lilypad Lacquer Stretch for the Stars

This polish has crept up to be one of my top 5 faves.  I also think my IG photo of this manicure is my FAVOURITE manicure photo of my nails - I hope that makes sense.

Lilypad Lacquer Stretch for the Stars was one of the awesome polishes included in the very first 'What's Indie Box'.  The theme was Toy Story and as soon as I saw this beauty I knew it would be the first from the box that I would wear.

Stretch for the Stars is a cornflower blue holo.  I don't know what sorcery Nicole from Lilypad Lacquer is conjuring, but she has a super talent for creating the BEST indie holos I have ever seen.

I love how my nails look in this polish.  I am also happy with their length here too, unfortunately, my nails have copped a battering lately and are no where near to this standard right now :(

And here is my fave IG photo of my own nails.


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