Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I Pimped my Helmers!

A nice quick one today.  I had seen a few prettied up helmers online and when I finally got my helmers - a bit of a saga to get them here since Darwin does not have an IKEA, but Adelaide IKEA is fantastic and posted them to me with minimal fuss - I couldn't wait to do mine up too!

I already knew I would use scrapbooking card stock for my drawers, but I had originally planned on gluing the card stock to the drawers.  But I am very reluctant to commit (to anything, lol) and I was worried I would ruin my helmers by gluing the card stock on and not being able to change it.  So I decided to attach the card stock using MAGNETS!  I bought magnet tape and it's perfect!  I measured up the drawers, cut the card stock to size and used the magnet tape to attach.  Easy!  Some of my cutting leaves a lot to be desired, but that's okay, because I can always remove the dodgy ones and replace them with better cut ones.  Or I can change the style/colour scheme to match my nail room/mood.

I love it!

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