Friday, 23 November 2012

Polish Update

As I mentioned in my previous post, I managed to order over 30 bottles of nail polish in less than 7 days...

Well, Monday afternoon was like an early Christmas.  I arrived home from work to an overflowing mail box.  I had not one, but TWO polish parcels!!

I ripped those babies open as fast as I could and I was sooooo very impressed!

14 China Glaze polishes (bought on sale from Ozsale)
6 Girly Bits polishes (purchased from an independent polish maker in Canada)

The week before I also got my four Butter London polishes (also bought on sale from Ozsale) in the mail.  They make an awesome polish.

Inevitably, my polish draw was overflowing.  So yesterday I bought two new draws/boxes to put them in.

It looks all lovely and organised now.

Looks like I'm going to have to buy another box when my 10 new OPIs finally arrive from the US...  :)

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Wardrobe Week

I know, I know.  It's been a while.

Unfortunately, the excuse is still the same as last time.  Work is CRAZY and I have been eating VERY badly.

Today's post is going to be a bit different, something I haven't blogged about before.  Clothes.  Yes, I know, I blogged about clothes before, but today's post is a bit more personal.

I often get compliments on the clothes I wear to work.  Lately, there has been a running joke thing with a lady at work about me being all matchy-matchy.  Every time I see her she has to look me up and down to see whether I'm matching.

I try quite hard to match and look 'put together'.  One thing that makes the work week bearable is looking forward to what I'm going to wear.  And if you look nice, then chances are you will feel nice.

I organise what I'm going to wear for the whole week on a Sunday.  That way I can iron if I need to and work out which bottoms I will wear - I have only a small collection of 'bottoms', but HEAPS of tops.

While I am always buying new clothes, I very rarely spend a lot of money on my clothes.  I work with children and don't see the point in spending heaps on clothes that are just going to be splashed with paint or marked texta.  Most of my clothes are bought from Target and Katies, with a bit of Portmans and Jacqui-E thrown in.  The jewellery I wear is almost exclusively from Lovisa, with some Katies and Target thrown in for good measure.

So here is a week in my wardrobe:


Top:  Jacqui-E   $50
Skirt:  Target  $30
Shoes:  Betts  $60
Watch:  Fossil  $99 (on sale on Deals Direct)
Necklace and bracelets:  Jacqui-E  $50  (bought with a 15% off voucher)


Top:  Katies  $30
Pants:  Target  $30
Shoes:  Bali markets  $10
Necklace:  Katies  $15
Watch:  Akribos  $120 (on sale from Ozsale)
Bracelet:  21st present from Mum and Dad


Cooking with the kids today, so I wore clothes that I wouldn't cry over if they got cake mix on them.
Top:  Staff shirt  $48
Pants:  Target  $30
Shoes:  Bali Markets  $10
Bracelets:  Adorn and Lovisa  $??  (maybe around $20 combined)


Top:  Jacqui-E  $35 (on SALE - Yay!!)
Pants:  Target  $30
Shoes:  Betts  &60
Bracelets:  Jacqui-E  $15
Necklace:  Jacqui-E  $30 
(both the bracelets and necklace was on Sale)


Top:  Katies  $25
Pants:  Target  $30
Shoes:  K-Mart  $15
Bangles:  Lovisa  $15

So there you have it.  A week in my clothes...

In other news, I will hopefully be getting a few packages this week containing some of the nail polishes I ordered a few weeks ago.  I went off the deep end and managed to order 34 bottles in less than a week...